Julio Lozoya is a TED TALKs high-level speaker with more than 500 performances since 2019, a lecturer and sales trainer with the most radical and spectacular measurable results in the companies he collaborated with.

Considered an influential authority in Mexico in the domain of sales training in the current global pandemic scenario. He is the creator of the innovative EVOLVE YOUR SALES methodology, used by large companies in Mexico in order to face these new times. As an active sales consultant and businessman, before 2020 he founded 12 companies, 8 are still operating while 4 went bankrupt. He specialized in: Management & Organizations, Sociology, Wealth Dynamics at the Entrepreneur Institute in Singapore, master’s degree in International Marketing, MBA from the top Mexican business college, and a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Julio Lozoya is also the author of:  The “Entrepreneur Life Style” Blog and active writer of sales topics for “Killer Minds Society”, “UBITS” Blog, “El nuevo Mexicano” newspaper, “nuklear news” and “Genius Jobs”. He is the creator and host of the podcasts “The sales show with Julio Lozoya” and “Sales Talks” which is transmitted by all digital podcast platforms featuring interviews with the most important personalities of the Mexican sales business environment. Author of the book “A new kind of salesman”  based on his EVOLVE YOUR SALE methodology for the new normal times, about to be released at the end of 2021. He loves teaching and he is an active professor at the master’s and bachelor’s level in the College of Public Image in Mexico City. The main activity of Julio Lozoya at the moment is to help companies through conferences and courses to EVOLVE THEIR SALES in order to face these times of profound change.

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